Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Calorie Counts of Common Sushi Items

Since I LOVE sushi, I thought I would share with you the calorie counts of some common sushi items. Hopefully this can help you make good choices when you are out for Japanese food :) I also included a list of helpful tips at the bottom!

Rolls (entire roll):

  • Cucumber Roll- 136 Calories
  • Avocado Roll- 140 Calories
  • Shrimp California Roll- 177 Calories
  • Tuna Roll- 184 Calories
  • Rainbow Roll- 186 Calories
  • Salmon Avocado Roll- 190 Calories
  • California Roll- 255 Calories
  • Spicy Tuna Roll- 290 Calories
Sushi Items (fish on rice bed):
  • Salmon Roe- 39 Calories
  • Squid- 43 Calories
  • Tuna- 50 Calories
  • Salmon- 50 (wild), 56 (farmed) Calories
Sashimi Items (just fish, no rice):
  • Salmon Roe- 19 Calories
  • Squid- 26 Calories
  • Tuna- 40 Calories
  • Salmon- 40 (wild), 52 (farmed) Calories
  • Edamame- 150 Calories
  • Miso Soup (without tofu)- 40 Calories
  • Sunomono Salad- 46 Calories
  • Seaweed Salad- 70 Calories
Calorie counts found at sushifaq.com

Helpful Tips:
  • Opt out of "spicy" options, as they usually contain mayonnaise. You can sometimes request they leave the mayo out... just ask.
  • Skip the rice sometimes and get your roll wrapped in cucumber instead (or just go for sashimi which is already rice-free)
  • Avoid ordering rolls that have "tempura" in the name. This means that it has been deep fried.
  • Be conservative with soy sauce because of the sodium content... avoid the bloat!

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